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 I have been ghost whispering or talking to the dead for as long as I can remember, attracting lost souls to me who can be found in the strangest of places at the oddest of times. The dead I have discovered have no earthly awareness of time or distance as they did in life and so this can create both amusing and frightening circumstances when being the recipient of ghostly attention. Once I encountered the ghost of a young soldier killed in a war zone thousands of miles from the aisles of the local supermarket where he was haunting, he had unfinished business and sought to find peace so that he could move on to where ever it is that we go to after we pass from this life. Assisting ghosts in various capacities is my main expertise, working to rescue the lost and help them to find peace and move on from the earthly exsistence that they no longer physically are a part of. I am often asked about what is to come after we die and I can only reply that I do not have all the answers as to what happens after death and where our spirit energy will reside, because just like anyone else I can only go by my own beliefs as to what lies ahead when we are no longer the living and become the dead but where ever we go to I would like to think that it will be a great adventure.Carolyn Profile

I have worked for several years as a ghost whisperer on professionally organised paranormal investigations with Haunted Happenings, the United Kingdoms number one premier and favourite ghost hunt company. You will find me at weekends being mostly ghostly with guests working on paranormal investigations, calling out in the stillness of the night and waiting for a ghostly whisper to be heard in reply or communication through other means, at many venues around the country from ancient castles to victorian penal institutions with many other varied locations in-between. I have had the opportunity while working with Haunted Happenings to visit and work in the beautiful country of Romania, working on ghost hunt weekends in Transylvania which is situated in the beautiful area of Brasov and has a wealth of supernatural folklore, superstitious customs and of course famous for the legend of Dracula as brought to life by the author Bram Stoker, which all make for a screamingly good ghost hunt and one amazing weekend. Public ghost investigations bring all types of people together for different reasons but with one main aim in common and that is to attain some level of proof of exsitence of life after death. It is a fabulous opportunity to try paranormal experiments for your self and If you haven't attended a ghost hunt as yet, I suggest that you give it a try but beware it can become very additcive!

Ghosts can communicate with the living for a variety of reasons and may do so in diverse ways to get themselves noticed, such as ghostly bangs and tapping sounds, footsteps heard in the quiet of night, sometimes a cold blast of air when there is no known draft in a room, the moving of objects and a ghostly touch when seeking the attention of another. These are just a few of the ways of which they may attempt to communicate with the living and I have been the recipient of several methods of communication, of which some were surreal yet at the same time a little bit scary. I am always happy to receive messages from the dead to pass on to their loved ones or sometimes to receive a message so that they can be at peace. I have a professional and friendly approach when working and I have found that laughter is always good as it helps people to relax, it breaks down social barriers and is indeed good medicine. I take pleasure in spiritual work and I have been told my style and approach is unique and after all who said psychics have to be made from the same mould ? 

My psychic work is filled with great adventures of the unknown, often scary when taken by surprise and sometimes hilarious when I manage to do or say something at the wrong moment but always very rewarding and for being able to work with spirit I am grateful. When I am not working on public events you will find me out and about working as a support worker during the week as a private companion to the elderly and vulnerable in society who are in need of a little bit of asistance to maintain a good quality of life through maintaining their independance. I also practice daily the art of integrating into my life, universal life force energy which is more commonly known as Reiki and after many years of living with Reiki in my life I have now decided to pass onto others this wonderful way of being through the various Reiki attunments and empowerments that I have to offer at a reasonable cost on the Reiki Whispers page. Over the years I have pursued qualifications in psychic develoment, holistic studies and psychology which has now grown into an eclectic mix of spiritual and scientific insights and from where I have found my own truths and work from that perspective. Perhaps there are some things in this life that we shall never know the answers to while alive and maybe the answers will be found when we are no longer the living but the dead. Keeping it real and putting the sassy into psychic is my motto while being the best that I can be in life and who knows maybe in a few hundred years I too may be telling my story to a ghost whisperer of the future.

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