Ghost Whispering

 I have been ghost whispering or talking to the dead for as long as I can remember, sometimes departed souls can be found in the strangest of places at the oddest of times but then the dead don't have a sense of time or urgency for the most part. They do generally have a need though to whisper, to impart a message. Sometimes this may concern a ghastly deed that has been dome to them or perhaps they were the perpetrator of the deed or it may concern unfinished business, unrequited love or a need to linger and not move on from a life they once lived but in any case communication can be a wonderous adventure with an insight into how a person once lived and died. Ghost whispering is what I do but not all that I am, being a glamourous fifty something, a mother who was once a wife and now a happy singleton who is sometimes both saint and sinner. We all have our own personal beliefs and personality and for me this is an integral part of my psychic work as I believe that being yourself is important whoever you are for you to be succesful on your chosen path in life and foremost by being true to yourself. carolyn

I have had many encounters with ghosts over the years my first memory being at about the age of three, an elderly man would come to talk to me when I was in bed at night and would tell to me stories of his life. Teenage years were full of hormones, exploring life, kissing boys and being frightened by ghostly voices in the night and over the age of twentyone things began to be a little surreal and at times frightening for a newly qualified nurse working night shifts in an old hopsital. Present day experiences with the dead can vary from old souls who have been around for a very long time to those who are newly departed and in need of assistance when they leave this earthly life. Such as the lost soul who found me when I was shopping in the local supermarket as they were wandering the aisles in need of finding their peace, this is so that they could move on to wherever it is we go to when we pass into the light. I dont have all the answers about the afterlife and like anyone else I can only go by my own beliefs. As individuals our beliefs are an important part of our everyday life and we are all free to make our own choices and live our lives accordingly.  I am the type of person who is positive and confident while being self motivated and rarely offended by what others think of me personally or the sceptical observer of my communicating with ghosts.

I have worked for several years as a ghost hunt whisperer on professionally organised paranormal investigations with Haunted Happenings, the united kingdoms premier and favourite ghost hunt company.  You will find me at weekends out with guests on the hunt, calling out in the stillness of the night and waiting for a ghostly whisper to be heard at many venues in the u.k from ancient castles to victorian penal institutions and many other varied locations in between. I feel very fortunate to have visited and worked in the beautiful country of Romania, working on ghost hunt weekends in Transylvania in the beautiful area of Brasov which is home to supernatural folklore, superstitious customs and of course famous for the legend of Dracula as brought to life by the author Bram Stoker.

Ghosts may communicate for their own personal reasons and will do so in diverse ways to get themselves noticed, with ghostly bangs and rattles sometimes a cold blast of air when there is no known draft in a room and sometimes they can be a bit feely touchy when they are attracted to a person enough to try to arouse their attention. These are just a few of the ways they may attempt to communicate with the living and I have experienced several, of which some were surreal yet at the same time funny as only I could talk to a ghost through a letter box from my hallway wrapped only in a bath towel like it was a normal everyday occurence for anyone to experience. When communicating with the living or the dead I have an approach that is both professional and friendly with a smattering of humour for good measure, laughter when working is always good it helps people to relax and it is indeed good medicine.

I take great pleasure in spiritual work of which I have been told my approach is unique and who said psychics all have to be made from the same mould? Being a spiritual person to me means embracing all that I am, learning from my experiences in life and growing from them.  My psychic work is filled with great adventures of the unknown often sreamingly scary, sometimes hilarious and also very rewarding . I have pursued qualifications in both psychic and holistic studies and also psychology, which has now grown into an eclectic mix of both spiritual and scientific insights and where I have found my own truths and work from that perspective. Perhaps there are some things in this world that we shall never know the answers to while alive and perhaps the adventure will carry on when we are no longer the living but the dead. Keeping it real and putting the sexy back into psychic is my motto while being the best that I can be in life and who knows in a few hundred years I too may be telling my story to a ghost whisperer of the future.